Alex Paterson

Best Vest. Collins

Phonics. 3 x books. OUP

Best Worst Jobs Hachette 4 x books

Faraway Tree/ Egmont 10 Books

OUP 80 Days Around The World

King and the Moon (OUP)

Scoops Ups and Downs (OUP)

OUP mini projects

Beach Detectives (OUP)

Igloo Books. Pirate Facts

Igloo. What Pirates Do

OUP Behind the Scenes

Alien Pets x 4 Orion Books

Truth or Busted. 7 books Wayland/Hachette

Ark Adventures (8 books). Orchard Books.

Captain Fearbeard. OUP

Sinbad. Collins Education

Barmy Biogs (4 books). Wayland/Hachette